Here's Exactly When Fortnite Season 4 Starts This Week

  • Season 3 of Fortnite: Battle Royale wraps up recently, and will be followed once by the beginning of Fortnite Skins . Epic Games has teased who's might be superhero-themed and linked with the ongoing meteor happenings, nonetheless it appears to be finally set to disclose the full details on Tuesday, May 1, alongside its launch.

    Recent days have experienced Epic keep update one particular piece of Season 4 artwork to feature additional superhero-looking characters. There are now an overall total of four who we've gotten a review of, while a newer section of art (below) showcases the silhouettes coming from all four. Like Epic's other teases, it features the word what "brace for impact," and also the image suggests the long-awaited meteor crash can happen and bring along with it these characters.

    Small meteors recently started to hit the region, although nothing from a significance is here of that yet. It looks almost like the big meteor was meant like a setup for Season 4, and that is expected to bring another Battle Pass, full of weekly challenges and new skins along with other cosmetic rewards.

    Epic is still equipped with provided little or no official details about what to expect from Season 4, including exactly what the Battle Pass costs. Prior ones simply have been purchasable for 950 V-Bucks, limited in Fortnite Materials currency. Plans to sell Season 3's Battle Pass directly for real-world money were scrapped right before it debuted. That was considered less than ideal given it meant you may have to purchase more V-Bucks than are required for the Battle Pass. On the good side, you can use the small volume of V-Bucks which might be earned by playing that will put toward the Battle Pass's cost.

    With Tuesday marking the conclusion of Season 3, that produces this your last possiblity to complete Season 3's weekly challenges. If you own the Battle Pass, you will want to crank out as much as you can to earn this season's rewards when they're still available.