How to Play FIFA 17 Free This Weekend on PS4 and Xbox One

  • EA Sports has announced that a free of charge trial for FIFA 17 will probably be available last week on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Starting on November 24, you are able to play a shot version made up of all parts from the game, including Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and also a "portion" with the story mode, The Journey.

    According to, the trial will probably be available until Monday, November 28, and EA Sports noticed that all progress achieved will carry forward on the full game when you decide to Buy FIFA 19 Coins .

    If you're playing on Xbox One, FIFA 17 is discounted to $36 together with Microsoft's Black Friday sale. FIFA 17 will not be discounted on PS4, though Sony offers a 10 % off code as part of the own Black Friday promotion, so you'll be able to get the overall game for cheaper.

    Those seeking a physical copy of FIFA 17 have a number of options, several retailers will sell the sport for $27-$30 on both PS4 and Xbox One on Black Friday.

    GameSpot's FIFA 17 review scored the sport a 9/10. "Put together having an improved Career mode and best-in-class presentation, and FIFA 17 continues to be out in FUT 19 Coins--even if it is lead continues to be cut this current year," reviewer Nathan Ditum said.

    For much more about FIFA 17's critical reception, take a look at this roundup of review scores.