FIFA outselling PES by 4-to-1

  • "In the months ahead, you may hear more about our intends to revitalise core IP, such as the Medal of Honor franchise," he was quoted saying.

    "DICE will release Battlefield Bad Company 2... we feel this will put Battlefield in eyeball to Buy FIFA 19 Coins and eyeball competition with Call of Duty for quality and internet based game play."

    Schappert also added any time a slow start, sales of the newest Madden release were up. "We sold 3.9 million copies within the [second] quarter. After a disappointing August which have Madden down 19per cent, sell through in September grew 8 per-cent year-over-year, using more than 60 percent growth within the PS3 in line with Cheap FUT 19 Coins .

    "Madden sales at the moment are up 5 % year-over-year about the Xbox 360 and PS3 combined".

    Electronic Arts announced yesterday that it offers to streamline its product portfolio forward motion, and cut 1500 jobs through the business.