FIFA 19 tops European charts with combined digital and retail s

  • "The World Cup may be interesting," Prior said. "There's still a learning procedure for how ultimately it levels seem to how it's used. There's a grey area. But it's definitely something we'll monitor. If it becomes part on the footballing fabric towards the point where it feels weird so it isn't in the regular game, regardless of whether we don't want to Buy FUT 19 Coins and buy, its something we could look at introducing.

    "If there is always that anticipation moment in tangible football that gets a thing - of course, if we desired to create that in your game as a result of authenticity... if this didn't happen in this game and it's really happening each of the time from the real game, arguably you may say we're missing a part from the football fabric. So it might then be something we want to try and do in .