Real Madrid don't require Eden Hazard - they "signed" Alex Hunt

  • Here's the context: Real Madrid are under pressure to create a high-profile signing after superstar manager Zinedine Zidane and superstar player Cristiano Ronaldo both left the club come early july.

    While Real Madrid won the Champions League last season, they failed to Buy FIFA 19 Coins and win the Spanish league. In fact, they flopped pretty hard from the league, finishing third plus a whopping 17 points behind bitter rivals Barcelona.

    And so, the announcement of Alex Hunter to be a pretend new signing has, well, it's been down like a lead balloon. Here's a snippet from the reaction:

    Since the announcement of Hunter, Real Madrid announced a proper signing: goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois from Chelsea. Courtois' arrival has certainly improved the group, but anxious Real fans remain hopeful of an superstar toward replace Ronaldo as being the transfer deadline nears. At