FIFA 18 free kicks, penalties, and hang pieces - how you can ta

  • Most from the previous FIFA's free kicks return againt this season, including not too long ago's new addition, the trivela. Essentially an ouside-foot shoot coming from a dead ball situation, your favorite set piece lets you bend the ball round the outside with the wall and into your near post top corner to Buy FIFA 19 Coins the first time. Mastering it means you can reliably score from both sides on the goal with just one taker. From experimenting, we've found YouTuber Krasi to achieve the most reliable strategies to free kicks thus far, which we detail below. Here's his video explaining those to: FIFA penalties - the best way to take penalties in FIFA 18 Penalties just have slightly changed since recently. They're somewhat harder to score by mistake (remember those scuffed daisy-cutters dribbling within the awkward 'keeper dives?) but easier to gain once you find a proper idea of FUT 19 Coins how you can strike them.