Improve Your Writing Skills

  • Writing, as well as any other type of activity, requires some particular skills and knowledge to simplify the process. Of course, everyone should have the talent to write great masterpieces, but we are not talking about creating classic literature, we deal only with an assigned essay. And you need only some specific skills for this type of activity that easily can be obtained. This means that essay writing is not so black as it is painted. So, read the article below and start working on your essay!

    • There are different types of essays: contrast/compare, causes/effects, narrative, persuasive, descriptive, etc. Each of these types has its own peculiar features. For example, if you are writing a compare/contrast essay, you should either compare or contrast two facts, ideas, phenomena, etc. So, it is better to find some samples before you start writing.
    • An academic essay usually has the following structure: Introduction – Body Paragraphs – Conclusion. The number of the body paragraphs can vary depending on a topic and an essay type.
    • There are two main tasks about this part of your essay: you have to intrigue your reader, and you have to formulate the topic. Intriguing means capturing the imagination of a reader from the first sentences and making him or her continue reading. This aim can be achieved due to anecdotes, jokes, amazing scientific facts, interesting quotations, etc. The second part of the introduction – the topic – should be expressed exactly, but it should not be announced like “I will tell you about environmental problems.” It is better to formulate the same topic in another way: “The Earth has gone through many disasters caused by human activities that should be stopped.”
    • Body Paragraphs. As a rule, there are three of them. Each of them consists of a topic sentence followed by proves that support the given information. Various quotations, stories from somebody’s life, scientific data can be supporting facts.
    • Paragraphs should not be absolutely unconnected. One paragraph should logically flow to the next one. For this purpose, use the words:
    • besides,
    • moreover,
    • firstly, secondly, thirdly,
    • furthermore,
    • in addition,
    • to the contrary, etc.
    • Here you have to summarize everything said above. This should affirm the main idea of the essay. Do not rewrite the formulation of the topic from the introduction or any other sentence one more time. Use synonyms. Besides, you should not introduce new information here.

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