Main Qualities of a Good Essay Title

  • An essay title is the first thing your reader or lecturer sees. The title determines the need to know more about what you have written. A good title intrigues the reader to read more. A complex and poorly structured title bore the readers, and they will not go past the title. Select your title carefully to ensure its luring to the readers. The following are factors of a good essay title.


    A good one needs to catch the readers’ attention. Short and precise titles tend to interest the readers if your title is boring filled with irrelevant information the reader will judge the article negatively. Examples of eye-catching titles include; how to, tips on, effects of, among others.

    Short and precise

    Avoid lengthy titles with more than fourteen words. A good title is short and straight to the point. Ensure you keep the title short. Short is easy to comprehend. Many people do not love reading complex sentences. Also, complex sentences are hard to understand, and a reader will not be interested in topics they don’t understand.

    Use the active voice

    The title should be stated in the dynamic view. Active voice is where the sentence is arranged in the form of subject-action and object. The doer of the action should be noted at the end of the sentences. For instance, pollution is caused by industrialization is written in the passive voice, while manufacturing causes pollution is in the active voice. Compelling titles use the active voice.

    Relevant to the topic of discussion

    The title and subject matter of study should be related. Your title reflects what is discussed in the article. If the claim is different from the topic of discussion, then your article is a total mess. Carefully select your title and make sure it is relevant to the piece.


    In the attempt to creating eye-catching titles don’t diverge from the truth. Unbelievable titles create doubts in the heart of the reader and will disregard the information of the article. The title is where you prove to the readers that what you have written is worth being read. Ensure that your title is realistic at all times.

    Should contain the main keywords

    Keywords used in the title should be illustrated in the title. Incorporating keywords makes your claim strong and valid. A compelling title needs to have keywords. The keywords should be similar to the ones used in the article. Using keywords makes the section and title connected and makes your writing credible.

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