The bastardize knitting is polyester cilia yarn


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    What affectionate of absolute do you charge to bond? Altered absolute of hot cook adhering has altered adhering fastness.There is no cement fits all the adhesion. Such as the alcazar of polyurethane to bolt fabrics is acutely strong, but about no bonding backbone to PE plastic.

    How about the best heating temperature your absolute can resist? For example, the accomplished calefaction attrition should not beat 130 ℃,then you acquire to accept the melting point beneath than 130 ℃. Because if the processing temperature is not up to the melting point which will cause the cement not melting, the adhering aftereffect is about aught in result..

    The abject bolt of bastardize knitting is polyester cilia yarn or viscose yarn. The bastardize administration is bland and the character administration has the acceptable elasticity, bigger ability and acclimate to adaptable fabrics.

    The tricot interfacing need’t go through adhering finishing so it doesn’t accommodate formaldehyde. Because the abstruse activity is short, there is little abuse during processing, it can be alleged ecology aegis aqueous interfacing.

    Due to the thermal abbreviating of accoutrement interlining, we accept to pay absorption to the collar lining and bolt abbreviating percentage. Should accept the agnate abbreviating aggregate collar lining to bond, contrarily there will be blistering, bead phenomenon.

    The Pellon Actualization Flex SF101 alloyed aqueous China Tricot helps you complete your bed-making and ability projects with ease. Our 100% affection aqueous interfacing is agnate to Pellon SF101 which is an all purpose. It provides breakable abutment for collars, cuffs, yokes, pockets, facings and added detail areas of a garment.